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Purchasing online at The Puppy Catwalk is easy, fast and completely safe. To do this, go to Online Store and put the garments you want into your "Shopping Basket". Every time you add a garment, the order detail is shown. To make your purchase, click on "Purchase".

During phase two, the Data are requested for calculating the amount of the transport costs, depending on the destination shown in the order summary.

To end the purchase, click on "Confirm Purchase".

Our computer system records your particulars and the order data so that the shipment can be made. All our prices include V.A.T.

The “See Basket” option allows you to see the price of the article, which includes V.A.T. During step two, once the data have been entered, you will see an order summary with the shipping costs included.




    A. By transfer/credit to account.

    B. By credit/debit card (through PayPal)


A. TRANSFER/CREDIT TO ACCOUNT: The amount of your order plus the shipping costs are paid by transfer/credit to account. This payment method has no extra charge aside from the order price.

Remember, you must include the following particulars in the transfer or credit:


    1. Transfer/credit in favour of:
      THE PUPPY CATWALK, C.I.F. E-31965254.
    2. Your order number and/or registered login so that we can identify your payment as soon as possible.
    3. During the purchase process, in step three, Order Confirmation, the particulars of the bank and account number will be furnished, so that you can make the transfer/credit the funds.



PayPal is a quick, safe and easy way to make payments using your credit or debit card or bank account. This payment method has no extra charge aside from the order price.

You can pay with your credit or debit card through the Safe PayPal server, without having to open a PayPal Account. The Puppy Catwalk will not be able to access your bank data, and will only receive a message from PayPal indicating whether the payment is valid or not. We accept the following Credit/Debit cards through PayPal:

      1. VISA


PayPal is a company belonging to the eBay group, the international leader in Internet payment solutions, with over 78 million user accounts all over the world. Purchasers and Sellers use PayPal every day, in addition to many other Internet companies. It is available in 56 countries and in 6 currencies. For more information about PayPal and how it works, visit the website at:


3) ORDER CONFIRMATION:: Your order is always confirmed by e-mail, at the e-mail address you have provided on registering as a user of The Puppy Catwalk.


4) STOCKS AND AVAILABILITY OF THE GARMENTS: The Puppy Catwalk does not have all the sizes of the garments on offer in our online store in stock, as they are hand-made, and for this reason the delivery term is 8 business days.

In the case of products to order, you will be informed about the stipulated delivery term. Depending on the available stocks, there may be slight variations in the colours and prints of the fabrics, and they may be different from those shown in the website, but in all cases, with the same quality, design and colour range as those offered in our online store..


5) DELIVERY TERMS: Once payment to our bank account has been confirmed (transfers take two business days to become effective), the delivery term of your order in Spain is 8 business days. For deliveries, it is important that when you register as a user in The Puppy Catwalk, you enter all your particulars correctly (full name, full address, telephone number, mobile, e-mail, etc.).


International shipments. In this case, the estimated delivery term is 3-4 weeks from receipt of payment in our account, depending on the customs formalities applied in each country.


6) SHIPPING COSTS: Payment on delivery.


2008 RATES: For Spain (mainland): Shipping costs from €8 (VAT included) for up to 10 kg in weight.

With respect to International Shipments, shipping costs vary depending on each area-country. Ask for an estimate with no obligation, so that we can offer you the best rate.


We ship orders to ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.


RETURNS AND EXCHANGES:  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have a term of 3 business days from the delivery date within which to return it (pursuant to Art. 44 of Act 7/1996, of January 15 1996, on Retail Trading, modified by Act 47/2002 of December 19, 2002, this is sufficient time for the goods to be examined.

Should you wish to return/exchange an item, please check first that the following requirements have been met.


      1. The garment must be in perfect condition, without having been worn and in a suitable condition to be sold afterwards.

      3. If the garment is not in an impeccable condition due to it having been worn, washed or with traces of dirt or dog hairs, we will not agree to it being exchanged or returned.

      5. We would like to insist on this point, as all our clients have our FULL guarantee that they will receive their purchase in perfect conditions.


Costs incurred in returning the garments will be paid in fully by the client. The Puppy Catwalk Hill only pay for the shipping and returning costs if there is a fault in the manufacture or an error on our part in delivering the order.

We reserve the right to reject packages in which the shipping costs are not already paid.


Under no circumstances will the amount of the order be refunded, except in the case of an error on our part.


CANCELLATION OF ORDERS: All orders are considered firm once we have received the payment confirmation.

Orders for which payment is made by transfer or through PayPal (credit/debit card) may only be cancelled before making payment.


Under no circumstances will the amount of the order be refunded, except in the case of an error on our part.


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